Clongowes Wood College is a seven-day boarding school located in beautiful surroundings, twenty miles from Dublin in the heart of Co. Kildare.

An inside look at a typical day at Clongowes

Sports Hall. Thursday 20th - Saturday 22nd November, 19.00. All welcome

To acknowledge and celebrate Clongowes Alumni who are clearly ‘men for others’

  • Rhetoric Play copy

    Rhetoric Play

    Bad Moon  Rising There was a bad moon rising over Clongowes last night. It penetrated the fog that (appropriately) shrouded the Sports Hall and cast its baleful, brooding light on the stage within, where the drama in the Rhetoric Play, ‘Drum Belly’ was acted out on an appositely minimalist stage. From the opening soliloquy to […]

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  • Alumnus of the Year

    Alumnus of the Year

    The Ignatian vision is to form ‘Leaders in Service’; men and women of competence, conscience and compassionate commitment. To acknowledge and celebrate Clongowes Alumni who are clearly  ‘men for others’  the Alumnus of the Year will be awarded at The  Clongowes Union Dinner on 20th February 2015. Nominations are now requested from  - Old Clongownians […]

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  • Layden + Dolan

    Manresa comes to Clongowes

    Last Tuesday Fr Thomas Layden (OC ’75), the Irish Jesuit Provincial, while on his annual visitation to the school, formally opened and blessed our new Prayer Room. This beautiful, tranquil space is located just above the main school concourse in a space that certain generations of Old Clongownians knew as the Lower Line TV Room […]

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  • School Mass

    Mass for Deceased Old Clongownians

    Mass for the Deceased Members of the Clongowes Union The autumn season is always rich in colour – but as November moves towards its end – the very richness of those colours is the sign that nature must face up to the fact that – to regenerate next spring – all growth must fade and […]

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